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Young Arts Arizona's outreach is enormous in the Phoenix Metro Area. Daily, thousands of ordinary people walk by our children's art in places like Arizona State Capitol, Arizona State Senate, various hospitals, Maricopa County court systems, and many more.

Here are a few testimonials from audience members, collaborators, our teaching artist, and parents, whose lives have been positively touched by children's art and Young Arts Arizona.

Scottsdale Healthcare North at Shea and 90th has amazing care! There is an art show there. If you ever get to the cafeteria have a look; I saw it! They wheeled me right by from ER to my room. I made them slow down for me to look! I was very heartened to see it- made me feel a lot better!
Scott Altman, audience

Judith, I just wanted to let you know that I happened to be at the State Capitol for training last week and thoroughly enjoyed the Young Arts exhibit in the hallway! What a nice blend of student and teacher art work, giving both sides an opportunity to express their individual creativity!
- Jaya Rao – Arizona Commission on the Arts

I thought I'd take a moment to tell you what an impact the art program has had on my daughters. It has positively changed one of my daughter's self-esteem by showing her what she can accomplish through self-expression. Your program has been fabulous for her.
April Murphy, parent

Several years ago I came upon a display of art at the Arizona Capitol building. It caught my eye as being a fresh and honest display of a child's art world. I found a Young Arts Arizona brochure with the art. Immediately, I hoped that my own art students could participate in this program. I called Dr. Judy Wolf and she made space for my students from Sunnyslope Elementary School to have an exhibit. We called it "Expressions" and all the 7th and 8th grade artists participated. The work was hung in Purple Gallery and I arranged for a field trip for th students to come and see their art. They were awed that anyone would care enough to frame and display their work. The show really raised their self-esteem and gave them pride in their creativity.
Sharon Sauer, teacher and Young Arts collaborator

Every week I pass your wonderful Young Arts show, at Scottsdale North Hospital, and as I go down the hallway, I not only get grat pleasure from terrific artwork of youngsters that face difficulties every day, but I also realize that without the Young Arts program, their sponsor, and her leadership, our city's children would be missing experiences that will become a part of their future lives and memories. Hats off to Young Arts! – Cecilia Farmers, audience

I worked with a 16-year-old quadriplegic last Monday at St. Joseph's Hospital. The ChildLife specialist had told me he was a bit contrary. The project involved moving colored inks around using air blown through a straw. At first he was skeptical and wanted his curtain drawn. "We're gonna make art with a straw?" and "How can art be abstract?" But as we continued, he started getting into it, enjoying the spontaneous mark-making and developing color combinations. We had some fun creative visualizing and I know he was happy to have someone to hang out with. By the end of the hour or so, he had a strong sense of his next move on the painting. It's like he had a new tool; even with just a straw, some ink and his breath, he could create art. Especially for a guy in his situation, it was good to share the importance of intent and intellect in taking something mundane and turning it into something art.
Tom Cooper, Young Arts Arizona Teaching Artist

In the past year, I've worked with kids in the EMU (electrical monitoring unit) rooms on the fourth floor. They have epilepsy (or other neurological symptoms) and are wired into complex devices. There are screens which continuously show their brain activity. I have noticed that they change when the patient is really focusing on his or her art project. One parent, who knew what the indicators signify, exclaimed "Wow, look at the brain waves!" It was very positive and exciting, and it is really profound to experience a physical healing manifestation the effects of creating art.
- Tom Cooper, Young Arts Arizona Teaching Artist

It has been a joy and a privilege to work with you and Young Arts Arizona this year. The looks of pride and accomplishment that shine from the faces of the young artists when they see their work framed and on display—priceless! Young Arts Arizona gives them a unique gift.
Jamie Dove, volunteer
It was my pleasure working with you. Your work is amazing.... I'm glad I could help. Thank you.
- Derrick Platt, Juvenile Probation Director and Young Arts collaborator

The students who are featured in the exhibits are greatly affected by the focus on their art. The families of the artists are filled with pride. I have seen parents, grandparents, siblings and all sorts of extended family and friends accompany the artists to the First Friday openings. I would say this is a life changing experience for most of my students.
Sharon Sauer, teacher and Young Arts collaborator
Recently I had the opportunity to view the art at Scottsdale healthcare infusion facility. What a delightful surprise to see the great works of art supplied by Young Arts Arizona. I was so impressed I went to the web site. What a wonderful, wonderful opportunity for all of the beautiful participants! What a great way to support our community. Any time self-esteem and creativity can be supported is a plus. Organizations like this truly make a difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Marietta Stevens-Bower (audience)
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